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strikefreedom User

ok i have a friend who is trying to get a script to work for dragons of atlantis on facebook. the problem is the script does not want to appear when she opens the game. now the game has a way to detect when a third party add on is active and will block it, so script developers told us to use ref control to bypass the referrer and block it. so the script does work. i just dont see how it is not working for her. now i believe she is running on windows xp but i dont know if that is the problem i have someone else who does run windows xp and has no problem running the script. is there something that her computer may be missing for the script to not appear. sorry for this being so long im just perplexed as to how she isnt getting the script to show up, i just need to know what it could be. thanks.

John_Tredor08 User

try reinstalling it.

Kratos Max Scriptwright

the important thing 2 know is on wich browser she is trying to run the script, the only 2 browsers I know of that run scripts, are Mozilla Firefox, using greasemonkey and refcontrol and Google Chrome, using the "--no-refferrers" and "allow in incognitomodus". Maybe she is trying on a wrong browser, or she should erase her browser intirely and reinstall the latest version of it.